Thursday, June 1, 2017
1:30-2:00 pm
Hall C

The Road to Ruin is Paved with Stated Intentions

This session will demonstrate the importance of uncovering the true human side of what people actually DO, rather than solely relying on what they SAY, in order to help marketers make better-informed decisions.

The presentation will be highly engaging, entertaining, and informative, uncovering relatable human truths across various categories.

The content will feature actual participant-generated video captured from in-the-moment mobile qualitative research that demonstrates unconscious discrepancies between what they SAY and DO in given moments.

Layla Shea
Founder and Chief Insights Officer, Upwords

Since 2008, Layla Shea has been designing cutting-edge online qualitative research for major brands across North America. Layla's background makes her uniquely primed to offer tremendous market insights and intelligence. Formerly a marketer at Coca-Cola and S.C. Johnson, a research consultant and facilitator, and a RIVA Trained Focus Group Moderator, Layla has finely-tuned qualitative research skills, which complement her ability to make projects easy for clients and engaging for participants.