Friday, June 2, 2017
3:00-3:30 pm
Hall B

How to Make Research Visible in a Post-Fact World

The foremost reason why people should attend this session is that it's going to be a dynamic and interesting presentation. By the sheer nature of the self-service tools and highly-visual reporting methods we will be presenting, attendees will be able to sit back and be both informed and entertained by a visually stimulating presentation which tackles the topic of data dissemination in a new and interesting way. Furthermore, by leveraging the broader interest that so many of us have in topics such as social networking, cord-cutting, Netflix, and the Internet through the Media Technology Monitory (MTM) data, participants will be engaged by the topic and the method of delivery.

Additionally, this presentation aims to help attendees learn from the trial and error of our experiences, as we have worked to engage audiences at all levels of an organization (researchers, communications, management, etc.) and beyond. With examples ranging from internal releases of data, to social media releases and the difficulties of building a research-based social media following, to the balancing of self-service tools with more traditional reporting methods, this presentation will unpack the complexities of a multi-faceted approach to research dissemination.

Finally, people should attend this session because audience participation will be both encouraged and rewarded – yes, there will be prizes!
Andrea Sharkey, PhD
Senior Manager of Market Insights, CBC

Andrea Sharkey is the Senior Manager of Market Insights at CBC's corporate office in Ottawa and has a PhD in sociology from Carleton University. Andrea oversees all national internal research for the CBC and is the lead coordinator and researcher of the pan-Canadian Media Technology Monitor (MTM) survey which interviews 12 000 Canadians annually, concerning their adoption and use of media technology and activities. She is also the president of the Ottawa Chapter of the MRIA.