Friday, June 2, 2017
1:30-2:00 pm
Hall B

World-Class Intelligence for High-Impact Decisions

Intelligence has one purpose: to facilitate and enable decision-making.

With a plethora of available information, how can companies know if they are analyzing the most accurate and relevant information to make the best decisions? Whether they are delivering the sharpest insight to the right stakeholders? Providing the relevant impact to make their company stronger?

The World Class Intelligence Framework exists precisely to bring structure to an intelligence function and establish a systematic process to deliver the right insights to the right people and at the right time for better decision-making.

The intelligence framework also serves as a benchmarking tool to compare and contrast the maturity of your intelligence function with hundreds of other companies, segmented by peer group. This benchmark will then be turned into a roadmap to escalate your intelligence function from whatever state it is to World Class, which will prove vital for increased competitiveness and growth.

Thomas Rideg
President for the Americas, M-Brain Group

Thomas Rideg is President for the Americas at M-Brain Group, a global company that covers market, competitive, and media intelligence, present in 14 countries with over 500 employees.

Thomas’s background is in market and competitive intelligence and strategic advisory, and his core areas of focus are in the development of world-class intelligence functions, deep dives related to CI/MI/RM including in-depth primary research and analysis, as well as market monitoring through a hybrid of technology and human intellect.