Thursday, June 1, 2017
3:00-3:30 pm
Hall A

Reverse Engineer Your Way to Insights

Companies and researchers currently find themselves in a fast-paced business climate where the goal is always to do more with less. Despite seeking essential insights, companies are often hesitant to go beyond needs-driven research to conduct time-consuming insight research. We, McDonald’s and Sylvestre & Co., believe in reengineering the path to uncovering insights by turning it on its head; using individual research projects triggered by immediate business needs as building blocks to uncover a greater narrative about the brand and its target.

We will present the effectiveness of this approach by demonstrating how McCafé used five short-term needs-driven qualitative research projects over the past year (including creative assessment, product attribute and innovation testing, and general brand exploration) to uncover overarching foundational insights which led to the strengthening of its consumer insights and brand identity. We will also explain how researchers and companies working together and fostering long-term relationships can result in building greater empathy and uncovering deeper insights over time.

Tara Naz
Director of Strategy & Insights, McDonald's Restaurants of Canada

Tara Naz joined McDonald's Restaurants of Canada in May 2015 as Director of Strategy & Insights. Tara is a seasoned and award-winning Consumer Insights professional with 20 years of industry experience across the U.S. and Canada. She has spent her career working on iconic brands like McDonald's, McCafé, Maxwell House Coffee, Cracker Barrel Cheese, and Crystal Light Beverages as well as start-ups like Balance Bar Energy Bars, Tassimo Single Serve Coffee, and Tazo Tea. Tara is the recipient of five David Ogilvy Awards and three Market Research & Intelligence (MRIA) Awards, in recognition of her ability to activate consumer insight into impactful marketing programs. Tara has a Master's Degree in Market Research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Nielsen Center for Marketing Research.

Isabelle Landreville
Senior Partner, Sylvestre & Co.

Isabelle Landreville has been Senior Partner at Sylvestre & Co. for more than five years now. Isabelle is a seasoned and award-winning qualitative researcher and moderator with 15 years of experience. She leads a Toronto- and Montreal-based team to successfully complete more than 100 national and international qualitative research projects yearly. Passionate about bringing the consumer voice to all levels of her Fortune 500 clients, she strives to help her clients truly empathize with their consumers. An internationally-trained and experienced ethnographer, qualitative research has taken her to 20+ countries. Isabelle is the recipient of the MRIA Award of Distinction and MRIA's Best in Class award. Her academic training includes a Master's of Science in Administration specialized in Marketing, completed at the European School of Management in Paris (ESCP-EAP) where she was invited to apply after graduating suma cum laude from the University of Ottawa's Bachelor of Commerce, specialised in Marketing and International Management.