Friday, June 2, 2017
3:00-3:30 pm
Hall A

Research at the Crossroads of Innovation

Launching new and relevant food products continues to be fraught with difficulties. We are all familiar with the figures that over 80% of new product launches fail and that there has been little improvement in success over the last few years.

This does point to the need for a structured innovation process and ensuring that products with the greatest chance of success are launched. But this has to be balanced with the huge investment in developing and supporting new products.
Catelli Foods Canada produces some of the world's best and most innovative products, and this is maintained via a structured innovation program underlined by systematic and quality research.

With increasing pressure on budgets, Catelli has devised a program that maintains quality while keeping control on costs. This presentation outlines how Catelli is utilizing research to guide their innovation decisions, balancing the adoption of a variety of tools at different stages of the innovation journey.
Mary Logan, CMRP
President, Research & Incite

Mary has 28 years' experience in consumer research. She is responsible for providing applied research in the areas of retail, new product development, and branding.

Jennifer Coombe
Marketing Manager, Catelli Foods Corporation Canada

Jennifer is a highly-experienced marketing professional with 20+ years in the CPG industry. Jennifer's experience transitions from early days at Playtex through to Maple Leaf, Brita, SC Johnson, and Catelli Foods. Jennifer co-presented a case study paper at the MRIA conference in Toronto, May 2015.