Friday, June 2, 2017
8:35 - 8:55 am
Opening Remarks - Main Ballroom

Opening Remarks and Introduction to Speaker

Steve Levy
COO, Ipsos Canada

While starting his career in sales (at Xerox) and then brand management (at Mars foods), Steve Levy has been involved in the marketing research and information business in the UK, Southeast Asia, and since the late ‘80s, in Canada.

Currently, he plays a leadership role in Ipsos Canada, which involves a number of specific responsibilities. These include managing a staff of over 200 marketers and researchers, local product development (including innovation and R&D), overseeing the publication/release of material in the marketing and loyalty space, an oversight role with regard to a number of significant research programs, and public speaking at a number of conferences and client events.

In addition to his management role, Steve continues to act as team leader for a number of accounts, mostly in the technology and media sector.