Friday, June 2, 2017
2:00-2:30 pm
Hall C

Understanding Persons with Disabilities

Better meeting the needs of a diverse and aging customer population is a prime focus of many private companies and governments. Designing services and products that meet the needs of those who face physical or mental challenges can also help a company to better serve its broader customer group. As per John Willis' recent VUE article, "Market research has a very obvious role to play in foregrounding the experiences of people with functional limitations, and it is in our interest to do so because these 'outside' perspectives can spark radical thinking that is literally unthinkable through 'normal' means". In this session, we will touch on the methodological considerations that are necessary when researching respondents who may face barriers in answering conventional surveys and questions. TD will talk from a business perspective about the potential marketing and business impact of getting it right, as well as the business goals of their work. All speakers will share what we've learned, exploring the unmet needs of people facing physical, cognitive, or emotional limitations. We will cover what we learned along the way, including how to involve the client organization and relevant employees in the process, why you need to include in-the-know consultants, and how research with this "outside" group can deliver important lessons for all your customers.

Jennifer Lang
Associate Vice President of Customer Insights & Experience, TD Bank

Jennifer Lang is Associate Vice President of Customer and Brand Insights at TD Bank. Jenn joined TD in 2014 following ten years at the CBC, where her last position as Chief of Staff for the Office of the Executive Vice President allowed her to lead the market research process there. Prior to that, Jenn was on the Public Affairs team at Ipsos Reid. Jenn has a B. Comm degree in Marketing and Statistics.

Kristen Owens
Vice President, Ipsos

Kristen Owens has worked at Ipsos for over 15 years, primarily in financial services, and has experience with a variety of research methods and analytical tools. She loves getting into the numbers and building the story in an insightful and concise way. She has a BA from the University of Western Ontario and a Research Analyst diploma from Georgian College.

John D. Willis, CMRP

John D. Willis, CMRP, FMRIA, MDes, specializes in innovation strategies to take advantage of diversity in organizations, markets, and public services. He brings inclusive research and design practices to start-ups, enterprises, public agencies, and non-profits. Prior to founding his practice in 2013, John was Director of Campaigns & Research at Strategic Communications, Inc., a Canadian public affairs consultancy (1997-2013). John won the 2014 award for best paper in the MRIA magazine, VUE.