Thursday, June 1, 2017
1:30-2:00 pm
Hall A

Why so Emotional – Did We Forget the H Factor?

The worlds of market research and turnkey technology solutions appear to be in conflict with each other—or are they? The two may not be as far away from each other as we believe. Market research solutions have their own rules and frameworks for producing strategic insights. Technology and data integration meet decision-makers’ demands for greater volume and faster turnaround.

Come join our discussion as we dive into the relationship between these apparently dissimilar approaches, and investigate how the human factor could be the connection between them that moves an organization forward.

Anne Kossatz
Senior Manager of Client Experience & Insights, RBC Royal Bank

Anne has been with RBC since 2011. Anne spent the first half of her career in sales, marketing, and strategy in the healthcare, medical, consumer-packaged goods, and financial services industries. Anne then transitioned her skills into a consulting career with Price Waterhouse Coopers, and attained her CMC (Canadian Management Consultant) designation during this period. Anne's more recent career has been on both the supplier and client side in market research, utilizing her knowledge gained in business to provide research plans and programs to meet client needs.

Ian Cummings
Vice President, Market Probe

Ian has been specializing in Customer Experience Management and Loyalty Research for over 15 years, working for market research and SaaS organizations. Leading numerous large-scale experience measurement programs throughout his career, within the financial, telecom, retail, food services and service-based industries, he has embraced and adapted to the changing pace of business decisions and the need for technology solutions while remaining grounded in his research roots. His passion is for applying insights and technological tools/solutions to better understand the customer journey in order to imbed customer experience as the driving force of business strategy.