Friday, June 2, 2017
3:30-4:00 pm
Hall B

How Allstate Won Chinese

With the number of Chinese-Canadians at 1.5 million and growing, Allstate has dedicated a strategy to winning over this lucrative customer base. Although multicultural marketing often focused on features and benefits (e.g. price), Allstate's creative branding campaign captured the hearts of its Chinese audiences. Environics helped Allstate enhance its creative campaign—through tracking reach, interest, awareness, and brand equity, which ultimately lead to sales.
With an innovative methodology, researchers identified nuances set within their cultural context about the differences between the two Chinese dialect groups—Cantonese- and Mandarin-speakers. The differences in all facets of the research about these groups are not only fascinating, but also very insightful for making key business decisions about these groups.

Bernice Cheung
Vice President of Cultural Markets & Financial Services, Environics Research Group

Bernice brings almost 15 years of marketing and management-consulting experience in areas such as financial services and consumer goods, helping clients with quantitative and qualitative market research, and segmentation and targeting. Her passion in helping organizations tap into the lucrative market of ethnically-diverse consumers positions her perfectly to lead Environics' Cultural Markets practice.

Bernice is a frequent speaker at conferences where she shares insights, and has been interviewed by various media outlets (The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Canadian Grocer, etc.).

She received her MBA from Ivey Business school, and an Honours B.Comm. degree with distinction from the DeGroote School of Business.

Cookie Ip
Senior Marketing Specialist, Allstate Insurance Company of Canada

With extensive agency experience spanning the globe, Cookie now leads Allstate's Chinese marketing campaign from strategy development to execution. She spent 15 years working with clients and partners in financial services, non-profits, CPGs, real estate, travel, and textiles, developing strategies and communicating with customers. Since a majority of those years were focused on the Chinese-Canadian market, she has a very good read on the pulse of this lucrative market segment.