Thursday, June 1, 2017
3:30-4:00 pm
Hall B

Using Market Research to Create Branded Content

This session will be designed to empower brand (client-side) researchers. Generally speaking, brand researchers are sitting on a large cache of excellent research, actionable and relevant to the marketplace, and still can struggle to make themselves heard, even inside their own companies. Walking through our case study will provide concrete examples of what we did, to not only make our research heard, but to create content that was greatly in demand, that was clicked on, read, and shared. This includes tips and tricks on how we "sold it through".

Our team has chosen to walk through a case study or "how-to" on creating branded content with research.

Elizabeth Hall
Managing Director, RKI

Twenty years of experience have given Elizabeth the insight to develop highly-creative solutions. Deftly avoiding the status quo, she knows how to push gently but firmly for workarounds and alternative solutions. “I want to give my clients so much more than a standard research PowerPoint deck”.

The scope of her current practice with Research Knowledge Insights is tailored to conducting research amongst a range of elite business audiences including C-suite executives, business leaders (small, medium, and large), financial advisors/financial planners, physicians, and medical industry professionals, as well as standard gen-pop consumers.

Elizabeth speaks at a range of industry-specific conferences, ranging from financial to pharmaceutical to market research. She was recently described as “bringing welcome enthusiasm and energy to data-heavy presentations”

Elizabeth is currently on the board of directors of the MRIA (Market Research and Intelligence Association), and chairs the QRC (Qualitative Research Council).

Raj Kuchibhatla
Managing Director, RKI

Raj has 17 years of business development, marketing, and management consulting experience. Raj has spent most of his career building sales, research, and marketing solutions for his clients across a wide array of sectors, including Healthcare, Media, Finance, Small Business, Marketing, and Retail. Raj is a true consultant, constantly developing strategic solutions to address his clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Raj has spent the past six years based in Toronto, where he has held positions with RKI, Northstar Research Partners, and Rogers Communications. Raj comes to Canada from the U.S., where he has spent seven years in healthcare strategy research. His primary roles were in business development and project management for both primary and secondary research companies. Prior to that, Raj spent four years in management consulting, brand management, and healthcare field sales positions. Raj has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and an MBA in Business Strategy.

Andrew Micak
Research Director, RKI

With over 10 years' experience working on both client- and supplier-side research, Andrew brings to the team extensive experience in providing boutique market research solutions and key strategic insights in the digital and traditional brand marketing spheres, as well as the financial, medical/healthcare, and B2B marketing spheres. Andrew's experience has given him a strong focus on project management, qualitative and quantitative research, proposal development, business development, and client service. Andrew has strong familiarity with conducting and executing data analysis, quantitative and qualitative research, online surveys, publishing/media environment, governmental procedures, primary and secondary source research, report development, socio-economic impact assessment, and economic analysis. Andrew's awards include Market Research Intelligence Association (MRIA) awards in 2013 and 2014.