Thursday, June 1, 2017
1:00-1:30 PM
Hall A

FinTech Today

Where is the financial services industry headed, and which players are poised to succeed? What is the new financial service paradigm, and how can research insights inform you on where your organization can succeed? What are some examples of successful innovation in financial services?

John Greenwood
Vice President of Client Experience & Insights, Global Marketing, Sun Life Financial

John leads the marketing and content strategy for Sun Life Financial. His passion to empower the client voice through the use of both market research and data analytics has helped Sun Life achieve their ultimate goal of developing a "Client for Life"




Angelo Pierro
Global Lead for Financial Services, GfK

Angelo has been in marketing research for over 20 years, and has extensive experience working with many Canadian and global brands. His core areas of experience include Brand and Customer Experience, along with User Experience testing, all geared toward building great customer experiences. Angelo holds an MBA from the Schullich School of Business.