Friday, June 2, 2017
1:00-1:30 pm
Hall A

Behavioral Insights – Real Communications Impact – OLG's Digital Signage Case Study

This session will guide the audience through the process associated with effectively testing digital signage solutions, and will showcase the necessity of each element within that process. It will also leave the audience with an appreciation of why this type of research must be conducted in an “in-situation” environment, and why including eye tracking as part of the process is crucial in order to enhance visual fluency of the overall design.
The audience will also gain a greater appreciation for the need to blend conscious and subconscious research techniques, whenever they are evaluating any communication including signage and packaging, and any creative element.

In addition, the audience will get an in-depth look at the challenges the OLG team was facing, the plan that was put in place, and the outcome of the research decisions that were made. This will provide greater context for any audience member that is in a similar situation, regardless of whether they are on the client or supplier side.
Joanna Chan
Manager of Shopper Insights, OLG

Joanna has been working at the Ontario Lottery Corporation (OLG) as the Shopper Insights Manager for over a year. This was a newly-created position, designed with OLG's modernization efforts in mind—ensuring that OLG's technology and product solutions are responsive to changing consumer and shopper needs. Prior to joining OLG, Joanna brings over 13 years' experience in the CPG industry, developing and implementing retail deployment strategies, and leveraging category information, research, and insights. Joanna also holds a Master's degree in Business.

Mike Moussallem
Vice President, Explorer Research

Mike leads the Canadian business for Explorer Research, and has extensive experience on both the client and supplier sides of the industry. Prior to joining Explorer Research, Mike held a number of positions, which include leading the Retail & Shopper Insights practice for TNS Canada and leading the Shopper Insights Team for Kraft Canada. Mike has also held positions at PepsiCo and Nielsen, and holds a Master's degree in Economics.